Was honored to recently be a part of Dust Mag’s current issue “Ritual Odyssey.” Some of the talented featured photographer included Ben Molina, Emilio Banuelos, Bellamy Hunt, Joe Aguirre, Victor Prieto, Irwin Lewis, Elena Corrasco and many others.





Source: Bellamy Hunt


Leica Blog Interview

leica interviewYou can check out the interview on the Leica Blog here. Thanks to Eric Kim for the interview, always a pleasure.


Light-It Magazine Feature


Click here to view full interview.




You Are Here II






Pual Austed – CrossFit Eagle Rock


This month marks the one year anniversary of committing to the world of Crossfit: A strength and conditioning program that uses constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement. Many have probably heard about it, some of you may even know someone that does it. One thing is certain, it’s been a jounrney for this former athlete. I won’t go into why I do it or whether or not you should too, just know that it works for me and has become an integral part of my life.


So you might be asking why I bring that up here on a blog concerning photography. Well, as a photographer, I believe that it is my mission in life to document things that I hold close and dear. While some may just see crossfit as a strength and conditioning program, I see it as much more than that. My community of crossfit coaches and teammates are invaluable in educating and motivating me to becoming a healthier human being! So while the following images are not a project or a series,  they are instead a celebration of a community that I share a part of my life with… Thank you Crossfit Eagle Rock


CROSSFIT image gallery



Viewpoints & Snapshots

Recently went on a road-trip with my wife up the west coast. As to not be the self-absorbed photographer that I usually am, I stripped my self of all the clunky digital gear, armed instead with an analog 35mm point and shoot camera (Contax T3).


Along with keeping it analog, I also decided to shoot color film (If you know me, you know that all I shoot is black and white film). Let’s face it, who wants to look back at pictures of their summer road trip on the Pacific Coast Hwy in monochrome. So I took one for the team (Did I mention my wife was on this trip too) and picked up some Portra 400 color film. Along with taking the typical road trip photographs, I intentionally left Los Angeles with a project in mind. While not the most epic or concise project I will ever do… it was fun, kept me engaged, and ultimately saved me (and my wife) from roaming aimlessly for the perfect photograph!


It’s a four wheeled journey. An expedition of sorts, with hundreds of cohorts on a similar trek. This is where those people, places and things intersect… Viewpoints





Project gallery of images:  VIEWPOINTS



Podcasts & Airwaves

Was honored (humbled really) to be interviewed by photographer, educator, author and host of  The Candid Frame podcast: Ibarionex Perello.


Along with being a great friend and fellow photographer, I credit Ibarionex for being the one to introduce me to the street/documentary genre. He continues to be a mentor in my photographic life, always encouraging me to take my vision to the next level.


Along with the the full interview on The Candid Frame, a fifteen minute excerpt of the interview will be featured on the ABC Australian Radio Network this coming Tuesday, August 7th. Links to both can be found below!


Thank you Ibarionex and ABC for the love!!!


– Top Of Pods (ABC) Radio Broadcast


– The Candid Frame #144 Interview 







Put a book of my street images (from 2011) together a few months ago. Have had a chance to show the physical book to a handful of people, thought it would be cool to at least be able to share the work with those of you I don’t get the liberty to see.


All the images in the book were shot with a rangefinder 35mm film camera, captured in and around the Los Angeles area,  developed in my kitchen sink and scanned to my computer!


Feel free to download the pdf. book download attached below and enjoy on your Computer. I just downloaded it to my iBooks on my iPad and it looks great! Enjoy!


Link to pdf: FRAMED 2011 – Dana Barsuhn


For more info on book or images feel free to contact me.